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Designing a Bathroom


Bathrooms are tiny rooms in our houses that serve very special purposes. A house can be built without a bedroom but not a bathroom. The rooms are small in size and can pose quite a challenge when it comes to designing them. The functionality of the bathroom items and the storage are important factors to consider when designing the bathroom.


To create space in the bathroom, every bathroom design element present in the room should have a purpose and be functional in some way. To help in designing your bathroom, some tips are given.


The first thing is to create storage areas in the room. Use the open shelves to store some things and avoid bringing in more cabinets in the room. Showcase the colors available in room by folding the towels well on the shelves. With this you do not need large boxes and cabinets and also adds warmth to the room. Add more room by putting up the floating shelves which are fashionable. For style and creation of more room, you can use the staircase ladder. For more info about bathroom designing, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_in_the_Bathroom.


Hide the cleaning products in the sink skirts since no one wants to see them displayed all over. For the wooden crates storages, you can permanently drill them on the door.


Bathrooms are prone to be filled with unwanted clutter. The essential functional items should be the only things found in the bathroom. Do away with the things that are not in use. To create space, things like cotton balls need to be kept on the floating shelves. Keep away the personal products from the counter to minimize clutter. You can decide on adding a basket to stack the dirty clothes and keep it under the cabinets or above the washer.


A good choice of the painting brings out the complete look of the bathroom. Neutral colors always work best for baths, and they serve the purpose of keeping the room calm and a pleasing place to visit. To add creativity to the room, you can add some patterns and textures for more depth. For a neat look, color is a good additive since it is associated with cleanliness.


If painting is not possible, then you can decide on adding some pops of color in the room. This is by showcasing the colors available in the room by displaying the towels, rugs, and even the robes. Make the hanged robes and towels colorful in the room. Display well-designed soap dishes and the bathroom accessories for a deeper touch. You can even decide on painting the mirror frame for a more appealing look.


For the large bathrooms, you can decide on working with the ceiling designs, a gypsum ceiling or even installing a chandelier. Also if there is enough space a wall painting would be ideal for fixing.